About Us

Bringing back to life the art that was at its peak during the Mughal era and ruled the courts of several emperors – Chikankaari.

We wanted to blend the beautiful art of Chikankari and hand embroidery with pure natural fabrics and contemporary care free silhouettes that resonate with today's modern women.

All our ensembles are hand made by our artisans at our ateliers in the city of Nawabs - Lucknow. Through this brand we want to celebrate the art of slow living and create timeless pieces that will stay with you and become a part of your journeys.

Most of our products take anywhere between five to ten weeks to be made and hence we make our collections in small batches and present them to you once they are ready

The hand embroidery and all surface ornamentation on our clothes is done by women artisans who have kept the art of Chikankari alive over the last few centuries and this brand is our humble effort to appreciate this art and make it reach more people